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Positive Metering Systems

Positive Metering Systems

Oil and gas production in the UK North Sea started in the mid-sixties and developed rapidly offshore and onshore during the next decade. The engineers, who now form the nucleus of the PMS team, became acutely aware of the needs of this specialized industry. PMS offers full responsibility for the complete engineered chemical injection system. The technical knowledge of individual products developed over the past forty years is incorporated into our systems design.

After many decades of experience and considerable effort, PMS has become a name in the international oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Our systems are in operation all over the world, with engineers travelling the globe serving their clients.

Continuous developments and innovation of these systems, combined with close co-operation with clients, have brought PMS where it is today – an ever-growing specialist company in the oil and gas industry.


Over 40 Years Experience!

PMS chemical dosing systems improve organisation and increase performance. Each system requires carefully matched components. Numerous systems are handling every imaginable fluid – from high viscosity crude oil flow improvers to odorants and even simple plain water.

To ensure optimum performance and high integrity, PMS takes complete unit responsibility for the entire system we produce.

PMS sales engineers start every design by working closely with clients to define system requirements. This approach virtually guarantees that a well-informed client is at the heart of every PMS system.

Project information is then used by the PMS design engineers to produce detailed system designs and comprehensive engineering drawings.

PMS systems are assembled by skilled craftsmen under full PMS supervision. Each system undergoes extensive tests prior to shipment. When the system arrives at its final destination, it is ready to be installed and start performing almost immediately, anywhere in the world.

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