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Purpose Design

PMS purpose designed systems result in space and weight saving. Considerable thought is given to the day to day running of the system and we endeavour to anticipate the operator’s point of view.


Each system is fully tested and certified providing the client with minimum on site installation

After Sales Service and Commissioning

PMS site engineers undertake commissioning and training as required.
PMS designs and manufactures high technology engineering in the field of pumping and chemical injection packages for the petrochemical and chemical processing industries, supplying the complete design and manufacture for a full range of equipment. From single point injection units to multi- compartmented, multi-fluid packaged systems all are constructed to International Standards.

Typical Chemical Dosing Applications

Electrically Driven Pumps

The pumps that form the PMS range are of the Positive Displacement-Controlled Volume type, complying with API675. Also, all pumps are of the Positive Return type (no assisted spring return).

The pumps are fitted with a manual stroke length indicator which allows manual stroke adjustment between 10-100%, either when the pump is running or at rest.


For fitting electrical or pneumatic stroke positions to allow remote adjustment
Designed to suit all hazardous area criteria

Pump head Design Options

Plunger pump heads are a widely used design with a variety of material options available depending on chemicals being used – heating or cooling jackets, flushing lantern rings.
High performance diaphragm pump heads of the sandwich diaphragm type. Designed to operate at high pressure also, in the event of the product diaphragm failure, the second diaphragm continues to be operational for a period of time. Note: Under no circumstances will the chemical leak – it is contained within the pump head. As standard, the pump head is fitted with diaphragm indicating gauge. Also available is diaphragm monitoring by use of pressure switches, pressure transmitters, etc.

Pneumatic Driven Pumps

Due to the nature of the pump design, they comply with API675, only to the performance requirement of the code.

By using air/gas as the prime mover, these are ideally suited for installation in remote areas where electricity does not exist.

Using the “in-built” pump stroking rate controller combined with the pump stroke length micrometer adjustment, it is possible to achieve a 100:1 turn down ratio.

Plunger and high-pressure diaphragm pump heads are available in many varieties of material options.

Manual control of pump flow rates, with manual pump controls

Fully automated via input/output digital signal for remote control

Solar powered for remote areas without any external power source

Where there is a requirement to introduce a common chemical to a number of injection points, the use of a specially designed multi point chemical metering valve is a recognised, reliable method of operating this function. By reducing the prime mover to one pump, considerable cost and space savings can be achieved. This option is particularly suited to offshore production platforms where space is at a premium.

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